Friday, April 11, 2014

When my friends say I drink too much

There are holes in my body in the shape of your hands

I drink to forget I walk around like this

Once we didn't talk for 12 hours and I said I don't care

I asked if one day you could halfway l-word me and you said yes
I shouldn't have taken it and ran
I should have tied it to a brick and thrown it
Am I the brick or the glass?

I think you were drunk when you said that

You smell like an answer and taste like the first thing I want when I wake up

I drink because I'm mourning
The loss of something I never had

I could sink a ship with the shit I'm drowning in

Monday, March 31, 2014


four times in one night
do you remember after the third
you kissed me
just once
and it felt like something

i am not anywhere near your bed
there is cheap beer in my body
i crave you like nothing i can explain
come here come here come

i have to stop

at some point everyone has their
"get your shit together" moment
i'm waiting

i don't care
i just want to hear your voice
singing every song i hate
i just want to insult your dirty floor and feel your hands
groping me as i go to change

how can i tell you i want you to fill
every opening i have
this means more to me than just sweat
lust that blooms at night when we both
have gone too long without feeling

how can i tell you that just because you open your sheets
doesn't mean you have told me anything
we have to stop

i'm fading
i fucking love you asshole i say
and you say
fuck me

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My imagination is working overtime. I am alone now. All I want is your breath on my neck and hand between my legs. All I want is to be first choice. I am too much in my head. Let's make believe I'm someone that can go out and talk like a normal person. Let's make believe I'm someone you could show to other people. I'm trying to tell me that I'm enough and have that be truth. There's no excuse for the girl I've been. When I was a kid I told myself that love was a necessity. It was constant and consuming. It clawed at your door and when you caught it you got to walk hand in hand til the end. I ask for too much. Do you remember when you told me about Linda and Paul? I fucking want that. When I wake up I think you'll be gone and I'll still be crazy. I don't even know what that means. I want your breath to touch me.

Monday, March 10, 2014

There are thunderstorms in my chest and I don't know how to keep my eyes dry

I want to touch you in a deep way
I want to be one person and walk where you walk
I want to ask you to look at me every single day

But there's ash in my heart from all the bridges I've burned

Teach me how to not be afraid

I don't want to sleep with the moon anymore
The dark is too much to take
Wake me with sunflowers and dreams that don't leave me shaking

I want to be more than the sum of all my things that I couldn't complete
I don't want to run when I'm not being chased

Could you catch me?

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I should have told you not to take shelter in the curve of my breasts or the dip in my neck
I should have told you if you drown in my sweat I can't save you from it

The bruises tell me where you've been

When you shake I think back three years ago and wonder if it felt this way
Timing is just everything isn't it
I don't need stars to tell me I'm too late

You opened my body wide but I wanted to open your chest and peek inside
I am dark and swollen with all the should-haves and maybes you left here

The other day a man told me my birthday was the time of natural disasters
While you and I crash together I'm thinking honey you have no idea

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Everything is always the same

You told me to take all my bobby pins with me
So she wouldn't find them
I just wanted to implant them in your skin
So you wouldn't forget to think of me
When you woke up

Instead I laughed
I do that and take another shot
So I can forget this and replace it with a headache
When I wake up

Sensory details drive me crazy
I smell you when I'm standing at work
And the room gets quiet

I can't stop shaking
When you put your hand over my mouth

The only noise I want to make is a question
If you don't like me then why did we sleep together
with the lights on?

You see everything and nothing

We both are home alone
I cannot read you
I cannot translate your smiles or your silences

We are both home alone
I am shaking with your phantom hand
over my mouth
I lick your sweat to try to find you out

I've got nothing

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Put your fingers in my mouth
like I'd never let anyone else

It has been awhile
you know my memory
when you made me say
against my will it stuttered out

I pulled you down
It's over
you know my memory

Don't test my patience
I wait for your hand around my neck